Would you like to know the carbon footprint of your business or organisation?

Understanding and measuring your business carbon footprint (GHG emissions) is the first step in achieving your sustainability goals.

Once your emissions are measured accurately, steps can be taken to reduce waste, costs, emissions and will help you understand your imprint on the environment. We use the ISO 14064-1 (2018) Standard and GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standards for measuring carbon emissions.


Whatever your industry, measuring your emissions is an important step to becoming a sustainable business.

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"We didn't know much about measuring our carbon emissions when we first started on this journey, we just knew we had to do it.

MyImprint helped us through the process of measuring and reporting, and they also helped us define the steps we needed to make to reduce our emissions over the coming years. And we have even managed to save money in the process!"

Andrew at Civil Assist