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MyImprint software release - MyCarbon

We at MyImprint are proud to announce the release of MyCarbon.

MyCarbon automatically gathers scope 1,2 and 3 data from Xero, and processes it semi-automatically, giving you monthly updates on your carbon emissions. We also have a team of climate and science experts, around New Zealand, ready to help.

MyCarbon captures financial data and applies the latest emission factors from the Ministry for Environment, giving an up to date view of GHG emissions. Offsetting, can also be processed through the software by linking to our partner CarbonClick, who connect you to trusted carbon sequestration projects.

We've found that one of the barriers to GHG assessments is the data collection process, this means spending days on data collection process is a thing of the past, and greatly increases the quality of scope 3 data. Now, all activities a business does, from business travel, to the use of internet servers is captured and can be processed easily.

We're excited to be working with businesses throughout New Zealand. We now know that business partners, customers, investors and insurance company's are all interested in businesses sustainability plans - MyCarbon is an affordable solution for small - medium sized businesses.

Now we can easily see where emissions are coming from, we can start on the journey of reducing them together.

For more info, contact the MyImprint team here.


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