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Our team of consultants help you understand the greenhouse gas emissions your business produces in its daily activities. This is also known as a 'carbon footprint' or knowing your 'carbon emissions'.

With our tools and support, we will help you gather the information required to complete a carbon emissions assessment. We can then calculate your carbon footprint. We provide you with an inventory and a report that is in accordance with internationally recognised standards - ISO 14064-1:2018, and the GHG Protocol: A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

(Note that we do not accredit your organisation as meeting ISO 14064-1:2018, but that your greenhouse gas inventory and report align with international standards).

Once your carbon emissions are known and you meet our carbon program requirements, you will achieve ‘Myimprint Measure' status or 'Myimprint Reduce' status, based on your progress in reducing your carbon footprint.

We will highlight opportunities to reduce your carbon emissions. Once efforts are made to reduce emissions, we can help you offset your remaining emissions with verified carbon credits to achieve ‘Myimprint Balance’ status or 'Myimprint Sequester' status.

Gain the 'Measure' Certification by robust carbon accounting methods

It all starts with knowing where you are at. Let's begin with accurately measuring your organisations emissions.

Obtain the 'Reduce' certification by measuring and reducing your emissions and having a carbon reduction strategy

Setting a reduction pathway is critical before considering offsetting. We work with you to actively and continuously reduce your emissions.

Balance is 'Carbon Zero'. You have acheived ghg emission reduction and have used carbon offsets

For those organisations who have reduced and offset their total remaining emissions.

(This is sometimes known as being zero carbon or carbon neutral)

Acheive 'Sequester' by measuring emissions through robust carbon accounting methods, reduce greenhouse gas emission in line with Sciencebasedtargets and used carbon offsets

This is for organisations who choose go the extra mile and sequester at least 20% more emissions than they produce.


Contact us to find out more about our carbon consulting and carbon programs.

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