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Energy Certificates are produced from zero carbon and 100% renewable energy generators in the national grid. When you purchase Energy Certificates you match your annual energy consumption with the same amount of verified 100% renewable energy.

Under international standards you can report this energy supply as 'Zero Carbon', meaning that the “Scope 2” electricity component of your organisation's carbon footprint is zero.

Purchasing certificates can help you reduce your carbon footprint, it promotes renewable energy generation and it builds trust in your organisation's emission reduction claims. It also shows your commitment to doing something about reducing the carbon emissions your business produces.

There are several "registrants" to choose from in the NZECS that provide energy certificates (and sustainable energy). We will help you choose an appropriate generator and negotiate with them for you.

MyImprint is an official "participant" in The New Zealand Energy Certificate Scheme (NZECS), organised by Certified Energy, this means we can negotiate to purchase energy certificates on the behalf of Energy Users.

Get in touch if you want to know more about energy certificates and how to reduce your electricity related emissions.

Solar Panels on Roof
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