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The MyImprint Team can provide training to your team to support you to deliver your sustainability endeavours using your own resource.

Training services include:
  • Developing a business strategy aligned with your Sustainability Objectives

  • Defining your 'Boundaries' associated with GHG assessment

  • Putting in place good practices for data capture and information management

  • Calculating your GHG imprint

  • Drafting your GHG reduction strategies 

  • Understanding the business opportunities associated with sustainability

  • Developing a Marketing strategy

While we have listed what our training includes (or could include!), we want to acknowledge that everyone's sustainability journey is different. That is why we want to tailor sustainability training exactly to your needs and resources. MyImprint can provide you with a more intensive support at the beginning and then continue to be there as your guide throughout your journey. To always have an expert you can ask questions and know that you will get answers you need. Better than ChatGPT!


Our support team is ready to start working with you. Get in touch to schedule a chat with one of them to determine what a sustainability training should look like for YOU.

Sustainability Training | Learning to Calculate your GHG Emissions | Developing Business Strategies

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