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Boosting Your Business Sustainability: A Guide to Renewable Energy Certificates

Struggling to reduce the unavoidable electricity emissions needed to run your business’ operations?

7 Ways NZ Energy Certificates Can Help Your Business:

1. Recognised by global partners around the world:

2. Reducing your Scope 2 emissions

New Zealand Energy Certificates (NZ-ECs) enable you to confidently report your Scope 2 renewable electricity emissions as zero carbon under leading international standards (GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance, ISO 14064).

3. Supporting New Zealand’s renewable energy future

By choosing which type of renewable energy you want to support (solar, wind, hydro, etc) and by tracking that renewable energy with the New Zealand Energy Certificate System (NZECS), you provide a clear signal to generators and market regulators for less fossil-fuel energy use and production, and more renewable energy demand and development. You also encourage other businesses to take action by contributing to a more carbon-intensive Residual Supply Mix (RSM).

4. Reducing your exposure to climate-related risks

As we transition to a low carbon economy, securing zero carbon electricity helps you mitigate financial risks that may arise from new government policies (e.g., new regulations and policies, consumer shifting preferences).

5. Reducing your carbon market risk

Carbon credits are offsets that happen after carbon emissions have occurred, whereas NZ-ECs act as a proxy for the direct purchase of renewable energy. NZ-ECs lower the need to buy carbon credits for Scope 2 electricity emissions in an increasingly volatile carbon market, while supporting more renewable electricity generation here in Aotearoa.

6. Meeting your customers and other stakeholders’ climate change expectations

Impactful energy procurement sends a clear message to your customers that when they choose to buy from you, they also support renewable energy generation. You may also increase resilience in your value chain by mitigating climate change impacts.

7. Standing out from your peers with traceable, reliable and verifiable claims about the type of electricity that you support

What's the NZ-ECS all about?

The New Zealand Energy Certificate System (NZECS) is operated by Certified Energy:

  • The NZECS is the only system in New Zealand that issues, tracks and enables the allocation of renewable electricity production attributes (from solar, wind, hydro, etc) via digital energy certificates (aka NZ-ECs).

  • Its purpose is to track, promote and support impactful renewable energy procurement.

  • The NZECS carefully monitors all NZ-ECs transactions to prevent any double counting or double claiming - making sure that each unit of energy is only counted once, and that no one is making false claims.

  • Certified Energy publishes the NZ Residual Supply Mix (RSM). The RSM is the total mix of electricity generated in New Zealand (whether from fossil or renewable) minus the volume of NZ-ECs transacted. It describes the nature of the residual electricity received by energy consumers who do not purchase NZ-ECs. As more organisations support renewable generation through NZ-ECs, the Residual Supply factor becomes more carbon-intensive, incentivising other businesses for action.

MyImprint is here to assist you with energy certificates:

MyImprint acts as a trader (“Participant”) of Renewable Energy Attributes (“Energy Certificates”) supplied by a renewable electricity generator, as regulated by the New Zealand Energy Certificate System (NZECS).

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