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Sustainable Conversations: Exchange Café – What gets Measured gets Managed

In a world increasingly affected by the environmental impact of human activities, businesses are finding themselves at the forefront of a sustainability revolution.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Shannon in Exchange Café to share a conversation about climate solutions. We discussed the importance of measuring carbon emissions, the concept that what gets measured gets managed, and how we support local and national businesses in their journey towards environmental responsibility.

Measuring Carbon Emissions: A Crucial Step Towards Sustainability

During our conversation with Exchange Café, Anna and Andrew shared insights into how and why a business can measure their carbon emissions.

Understanding the environmental impact of daily operations allows businesses to identify areas for improvement and implement effective strategies to reduce their carbon footprint.  By measuring their emissions, an organisation gets an emissions profile. At first, this helps the business to determine where they can improve. Secondly, it works as a benchmark for future to see how  the efforts to reduce their environmental impacts are effective.

Measuring emissions can be done by either measuring an organisations’ carbon emission over one year, or by measuring the life cycle of a product produced.

Where to start

Any business can start the process of measuring their carbon emissions and finding out what they can do to reduce the ‘imprint’ their business has on the environment. We work with organisations like food rescue, campgrounds, and tourism providers, as well as larger organisations in manufacturing, engineering, construction, and wineries. Every business has an environmental impact. 

If you have the drive to make a difference, you can make a positive impact.

Watch the full video here:


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