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Increasing Climate Change Resilience through Wave-Powered Sustainable Desalination Solutions

Given the global scarcity of freshwater and the challenges of providing safe drinking water to communities in the aftermath of a natural disaster, Canadian company Oneka Technologies has developed an innovative wave-powered desalination solution.

These units operate autonomously, harnessing wave energy from the ocean to transform seawater into fresh water. A single unit can generate 50m3 of water daily, catering to the needs of 100 to 1500 people (depending on consumption patterns).

Requiring only a 1-meter wave height, these units can enhance the resilience of isolated coastal communities affected by cyclones and storms. This would have been potentially useful in communities across NZ such as the Hawkes Bay and Tairawhiti, following Cyclone Gabrielle.

Noteworthy is Oneka's commitment to environmental sustainability - their units boast zero greenhouse gas emissions, zero electricity consumption, and zero chemical usage. This is attributed to their unique approach, avoiding traditional gas and electricity-powered methods.

The units are easily deployable, allowing them to be towed into regions as needed.

For a deeper understanding of their functionality, you can explore further details here.

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