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New hydrogen and electric trucks hit the road!

MyImprint is excited to see new hydrogen and electric trucks on the roads!

It was great to see the New Zealand government partnering with Fonterra to launch NZ's first electric milk tanker.

NZ Post are getting the country's first hydrogen truck on the road. And it gets better - TR group has ordered 20 Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) Electric trucks.

As the transport sector contributes to over 20% of New Zealand's emissions. This technology is going to have a significant impact in reducing our CO2 emissions.

Hiringa has partnered with Waitomo, TIL Group, TR Group, Hyundai and Hyzon to deliver hydrogen refueling stations in Hamilton, Palmerston North, Tauranga and South Auckland. Because 90% of freight passes through these hubs we should be seeing significant reductions in greenhouse gases.


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