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Regenerating a Native Forest

"Fools & Dreamers" is an incredible New Zealand success story of native forest regeneration.

Planting native forests, and maintaining them as they establish, can be a daunting task. The film showcases how gorse was utilised as a nurse canopy to regenerate farmland into native forest. The 1500 hectares at Hinewai Nature Reserve on Banks Peninsula that Hugh Wilson and his team have managed, is now a resplendent native forest.

Native forests sequester carbon for hundreds of years. They provide many ecosystem 'services' including enhancing biodiversity, and flood mitigation. The resilience of the native bush to fire on Hinewai Nature Reserve is another undervalued advantage, especially as dry climates are likely to get drier, and hotter.

Enjoy the documentary made by 'Happen Films' – currently free on YouTube.


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