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10 Tips for Sustainable Christmas

As the festive season approaches, our focus turns to joy, celebration, and connection. It’s easy to forget the impact our holiday traditions have on the environment. In this guide, we offer simple and practical tips to make your Christmas more sustainable, benefiting not only the planet but also your wallet.

Holiday Season Tips

1. Christmas Decorations

Reuse last year’s decorations to avoid buying anything new. If you feel that you need more decorations, try to explore op shops or opt for reusable and homemade ones crafted from recycled materials. Steer clear of electronic decorations and if you want lights, choose energy-efficient LEDs.

2. Christmas Tree

Consider sustainable tree options such as natives in a bucket that can be planted after Christmas or driftwood creations (we have got plenty on our beaches at the moment!). For decorations, try dried oranges or lemons, cinnamon sticks, and shells. Or anything you can find!

3. Transportation

Be mindful of the environmental impact of flights. Reduce flying where possible, and if needed, offset your flights' CO2. Or how about doing a family video conference this year?

4. Food

Try to choose local, fresh produce for your festive meals as much as you can. Minimise food waste and steer clear of carbon-intensive foods to make your holiday feasts more sustainable.

5. Toy Library for Sustainable Entertainment

Keep kids entertained sustainably by checking out Toy Libraries in your region. Rent toys that can be returned once no longer needed, promoting a circular economy. Learn more at

Gift Tips

1. Handmade Presents

Handmade presents are valued more than a purchased product. How can you use your creativity to give a bit of yourself to you loved ones this year?

2. Embrace Second-hand

Visit local op shops to discover some pre-loved treasures (head to to find the nearest second-hand shop in your area). If you are in Gisborne, check out Salisbury Vintage for great quality and stylish second-hand clothes.

3. Secret Santa Tradition

Simplify gift-giving with a Secret Santa tradition among friends and family. Focus on one meaningful gift, fostering a more thoughtful and sustainable approach.

4. Prioritise Experiences

Choose experiences over products. When opting for products, support local companies that are mindful of their environmental impact. For inspiration, visit

5. Gift a Tree with TreesThatCount

Consider gifting a tree through, contributing to environmental sustainability.

This Christmas, let's celebrate with a mindful and sustainable approach, making choices that benefit both our communities and the world we share.


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