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The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) has launched their Regenerate Nature Program

The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) has just launched a Regenerate Nature Program in response to their recent nature report.

The report outlines that businesses desire to contribute positively to nature and they would like, amongst other things, easy ways to act. Knowing that 82% of business want to “do the right thing’ is heartening.

The report also outlines how organisations can play two key roles in regenerating nature. These include:

1. Investing in on-the-ground restoration and regeneration nature projects:

To have a chance at restoring natural systems we need to significantly scale up the investment in on-the-ground nature projects. Community groups, iwi, hapū and landowners do not have the scale of funding needed. The responsibility falls on all of us, government, business, philanthropy, and NGOs, to work together to implement solutions.

2. Transforming business practices to be more regenerative:

To reduce the pressures on nature we must continue transforming production and consumption systems, moving towards a circular economy. This is a step change journey where organisations upskill and change their practices to implement initiatives such as circular economy principles, nature-related targets and strategies, and identifying nature-related risks and dependencies.

For SME’s, initiatives include ensuring their business has a positive impact on nature. Page 30 in the report says:

This could be through waste minimisation, phasing out non-Forest Stewardship Council packaging or donating a proportion of sales to community nature projects. This comes with additional benefits to business. Beyond ‘doing the right thing’, the company can get ahead of incoming regulations, attract and retain talent and position itself as a responsible business”.

SBN make it easy to participate in the Regenerate Nature Program. By investing in programmes like:

· Million Meters Streams

· Protecting and restoring Tīkapa Moana/the Hauraki Gulf

· Puhinui Regeneration Project

New Zealand businesses can help support the costs of native plants, materials, and labour as well as coordinating volunteers. Check out the full report here.

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