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Understanding Life Cycle Assessments

Many of your customers now think about the environmental impacts of the products and services they are buying – see our previous post about this here.

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an internationally recognised method used to assess the carbon footprint of your products and services. An LCA assesses the environmental impacts during raw material extraction, manufacture, distribution, and use, through to its recycling or disposal. LCA's help your buyers make informed decisions about what products to purchase, and they help your business identify the sources of emissions from your products and services. Once this is understood, your business can make informed decisions on carbon reduction opportunities throughout the supply chain, and the manufacturing process.

The LCA process is inherently complex, especially when products are sourced from materials around the globe and involve many parts. Despite these challenges, LCA’s are an essential part of understanding where to start when developing a carbon reduction plan. Work done now can be built upon in future years.

For New Zealand businesses, an LCA certification is a strong marketing tool. Also, an LCA will give clarity on where to focus when investing in carbon reduction.

Get in touch with MyImprint if you are ready to take your product to the next level.

Watch this TED-Ed clip about 'The life cycle of a t-shirt' to get a better understanding.


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