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Embracing Sustainability: Wisewool's Journey to Revitalise the Strong Wool Industry

In a world where sustainability is increasingly crucial, one family on the East Coast of New Zealand has embraced the challenge of revitalising the strong wool industry. Wisewool, a renowned natural fiber manufacturer, has set its sights on discovering new high-end markets that not only ensure profitability but also prioritise environmental consciousness.

Recently, Wisewool was featured in Country Calendar, documenting their journey towards sustainable practices and the positive impact it has had on both farmers and consumers. It It is available on TVNZ+ if you're signed up, and it aired on the Sunday the 28th May. Check it out through the link here!

Wisewool's sustainability efforts

Wisewool sells its products to a number of buyers, including Kovacs, a premium designer and manufacturer based in New Zealand, which was also featured in the country calendar episode. It's exciting to witness the high demand for Wisewool's innovative products.

We are proud to be working with Wisewool. Wool is a renewable and biodegradable product, starkly different from synthetic alternatives. Have you ever picked up an old foam synthetic mattress? You can feel the synthetic materials disintegrating into tiny, long-lived particles, drifting off into our precious rivers and oceans.

To quantify their carbon footprint, we aim to provide a greenhouse gas (GHG) assessment that identifies significant GHG emissions. Wool Impact have been working hard to calculate the emissions per kg of strong wool. With this key piece of information, and once we obtain data from the scouring operation, Wisewool will have an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the GHG emissions associated with their operations and with their products.

Once emissions are known, Wisewool, scourers, and farmers can work together to reduce environmental impacts.

Find out more about how we can help you reduce your emission here.

Wisewool's sustainability efforts


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